Through Innovation Norway, NCE Subsea has been assigned the role of facilitator of a gigantic subsea community. NCE Subsea is located at Coast Center Base (CCB), and approximately 100 companies and organisations are members of the NCE Subsea cluster.

This makes the Ågotnes area the most complete subsea community in the North Sea basin and a world class professional subsea environment. The industry's major equipment manufacturers and service companies have chosen their location here. Bergen University College has been cooperating with the subsea companies to establish unique educational opportunities in Ågotnes- and Straume area, and the subsea community here has been further strengthened by SINTEF. 

  • Comprehensive range of producers of subsea equipment
  • Complete spectrum of services
  • Customised facilities for maintenance and service
  • Full scale test well operational from quayside
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation of equipment and tools
  • Training under the guidance of Bergen University College
  • Underwater technology centre- NCE subsea.



NCE Subsea contributes to strengthen and internationalise the subsea industry in the Bergen region. International research shows that being part of an industry cluster with resources and activities that promote innovation, technological development, collaboration and expertise is of great significance for those involved.


Development through collaboration

NCE Subsea contributes to closer relations between companies in the subsea industry. More than 60 per cent of our members say that NCE Subsea has helped them to initiate projects and activities in collaboration with other companies.

NCE Subsea organise seminars and lectures, and contribute to interaction between R&D institutions and the companies within the cluster.


Focus on technological development

NCE Subsea helps to increase innovation in the subsea cluster in the county of Hordaland. One of the instruments is financial and technical support in establishing technological development projects. Projects in which NCE Subsea has participated, have received more than NOK 470 million in funding.


Opening up new markets

NCE Subsea organises a number of study trips to international exhibitions and conferences. This is intended to give participants the opportunity to build networks, while acquiring new knowledge about international markets. NCE Subsea also promotes the Bergen region as the world's leading environment in the operation, maintenance and modification of subsea installations.


Assures competence

To maintain the position as the world leading authority, we must ensure continuous recruitment to the industry.

NCE Subsea was a driving force in the establishment of a bachelor degree in underwater technology. The program was established by Bergen University College in 2007, in close cooperation with regional industry. NCE Subsea has also contributed to establishing two new Master programmes at Bergen University College. These are Masters programmes in Underwater Technology and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


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